Royale Natural Cocoa Powder

Now finally a product to rival coffee! Providing the rich antioxidants and polyphenols, Royale is a natural cocoa powder that pays tribute to the ancient Mayan custom of drinking bitter cocoa. Royale provides the cocoa lover with an unadulterated drink that contains no additives whatsoever, just pure cocoa. Many have attested to the health benefits of drinking natural cocoa. Try it and discover for yourselves the mysterious attributes of cocoa. 

Available in 400g and 200g PET jars.


Anytime, Anywhere, Anyhow – Alltime works wherever you work. Drunk hot or cold, Alltime can help you ‘Kick the Cold’ or ‘Beat the Heat’ - a delightful drinking chocolate that dissolves instantly in either hot or cold water. 

Available in 20kg bulk pack, 400g PET Jars, 250g refill sachet and 25g single-use sachet.


Made basically from cocoa, milk and sugar, Vitaco allows you to savour a total cocoa experience unmasked by the several additives found in many drinking chocolates. Vitaco dissolves hot or cold. Vitaco premium drinking chocolate provides health and vitality for the active person. Available 250g sachet. 

Vitaco Moves You!

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