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▲Choco-Bake (Dark bakery chocolate)

Choco-Bake is a dark chocolate couverture produced for retail to household consumers.         

Choco Delight (chocolate spread)

Choco Delight
Choco Delight is a delicious chocolate spread made from carefully selected ingredients and is a great condiment to bread and pastries. Providing a rich balance of protein, carbohydrate, lipids, vitamins and minerals Choco Delight is a healthful snack for any time of the day. It’s Time to Spread the Delight, don’t you agree?

▲ Groundnut Coated with Chocolate

Pebbles (Chocolate dragees)
Pebbles comes in an array of rainbow colours and understandably is the toast of many children and adults. Pebbles is a chocolate dragee at the centre of which is a carefully selected peanut.

Royal Natural Cocoa Powder

Now finally a product to rival coffee! Providing the rich antioxidants and polyphenols, Royale is a natural cocoa powder that pays tribute to the ancient Mayan custom of drinking bitter cocoa. Royale provides the cocoa lover with an unadulterated drink that contains no additives whatsoever, just pure cocoa. Many have attested to the health benefits of drinking natural cocoa. Try it and discover for yourselves the mysterious attributes of cocoa.


▲Alltime (Instant drinking chocolate)Alltime
Anytime, Anywhere, Anyhow – Alltime works wherever you work. Drunk hot or cold, Alltime can help you ‘Kick the Cold’ or ‘Beat the Heat’ - a delightful drin
king chocolate that dissolves instantly in either hot or cold water.


Vitaco (Instant drinking chocolate)Vitaco
Made basically from cocoa, milk and sugar, Vitaco allows you to savour a total cocoa experience unmasked by the several additives found in many drinking chocolates. Vitaco dissolves hot or cold. Vitaco premium drinking chocolate provides health and vitality for the active person. Vitaco Moves You!




▲ Chocolate Varieties

Chocolate bars
The flagship products of the confectionery factory are the GoldenTree de luxe chocolate bars which are currently in 10g, 20g, 50g and 100g sizes and in seven brands namely, Kingsbite, Oranco, Akuafo, Coffee Choc, Portem Nut, Portem Pride and Tetteh Quarshie. GoldenTree confectionery products are produced from 100% Ghana premium cocoa beans with no cocoa butter substitutes.  Since February 1965 when the first chocolate bar was produced in CPC, GoldenTree chocolates have not ceased to delight discerning consumers. The GoldenTree chocolate bars are specially produced to withstand the hot tropical climate of Ghana and elsewhere


Tetteh Quarshie Bar (TQ Bar)
Tetteh Quarshie is the name of the Ghanaian blacksmith who in 1898 brought cocoa beans into Ghana from the island of Fernando Po (in Equatorial Guinea now called Bioko). Cocoa has since been a major source of wealth for the Ghanaian economy. In tribute to this “great son of the soil” our premium dark chocolate brand has been named after him. TQ bar has a minimum cocoa solids content of 40% and contains no added milk.

Kingsbite is a milk chocolate designed to melt delightfully in the mouth with a smooth release of all the rich goodness of cocoa and milk. Ghana has a rich traditional heritage of Kingship and Kings in Ghana are the custodians of historical information, especially the history of cocoa in Ghana.

Oranco bar
Oranco is an orange-flavoured milk chocolate that melts effortlessly in the mouth releasing the rich nuances of citrus flavour that is the joy of many chocolate lovers.

Akuafo Bar
This blend of milk chocolate flavoured with lemon is a tribute to the hard-working cocoa farmers in Ghana who produce the priceless beans that are the base ingredient for any good chocolate. “Akuafo” is an Akan word for farmers. Akuafo bar GoldenTree chocolate is therefore a dedication to farmers whose hard work and sweat sustain the Ghanaian economy.

Portem Pride
Portem is an acronym for the ‘Port of Tema’. The beautiful city of Tema is the industrial sanctuary of Ghana which boasts of a seaport through which imports and exports transit to Ghana and our landlocked neighbouring countries. Portem Pride celebrates the proud heritage of being associated with the port of Tema. Portem pride is what we call dark milk chocolate because it is made of less milk than our milk chocolates and has higher cocoa solids content.

Portem Nut
Made from carefully selected peanuts grown in the northern regions of Ghana, Portem Nutseeks to blend the cocoa from the middle belts of the country, the peanuts from the north in a factory situated in the south (Port of Tema) into a deliciously crunchy bar of chocolate that is hard to resist and equally hard to forget.

Coffee buffs are not left out of the delightful experience of GoldenTree chocolate. Made with a careful blend of cocoa and coffee, CoffeeChoc provides an exotic experience for chocolate lovers.

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GoldenTree Ice Cream Coating

GoldenTree Ice Cream Coating is made from carefully selected ingredients and Ghana's premium cocoa.

A crunchy finish for your ice cream, GoldenTree Ice Cream Coating can also be used as a dip or topping for many other confectionery.

Available in 15kg weight.

Variants: milk, dark and white.


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