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Chocolate Bars

There are seven different brands namely, Kingsbite, Oranco, Akuafo, Coffee Choc, Portem Nut, Portem Pride and Tetteh Quarshie

Semi-finished Products

The beans are sorted, roasted, winnowed and milled to produce cocoa butter.

Chocolate Spread

Choco Delight is a delicious chocolate spread made from carefully selected ingredients and is a great condiment to bread and pastries.

Chocolate Dragee

Pebbles comes in an array of rainbow colours and understandably is the toast of many children and adults.

Drinking Chocolate

Royale provides the cocoa lover with an unadulterated drink that contains no additives whatsoever, just pure cocoa.

Chocolate Couverture

GoldenTree chocolate Couverture comes in two varieties, milk chocolate and dark chocolate. Usually in 25kg blocks or 100g bars packed 250 in a carton.